Meet The Fusteka Group

Our group were established in 1994 in Basrah and we have another branch in Dubai, and since then has been known for its trading activities and its success in the field of general construction and supply of materials, moreover our group was one of the first of those who participated in the reconstruction process of our country, Iraq, especially after the Iraq Freedom Operation by working with main governmental and nongovernmental human organizations where we have accomplished and offered many projects and services in the fields of construction and supply, moreover, FCG has got several branches dealing with food, frozen food, ice cream production & retail sales, garments, accessories.

These include:

  • Fusteka for Limited food production (Joker for frozen food production
  • Fusteka Sweet factory, Bread Bakeries, Arabic Bread Factory
  • Fusteka company for limited ice-cream and sweet Production
    (Fusteka Cake exhibition, Ice Cream exhibition, Fusteka ice cream exhibition)
  • Al-Ameri Company for General Trading and Contracting
  • Basrah Center
  • Royal Home